We would like to inform you that ZIMEC has a new agenda. The event is now including a complementary virtual Pre-Conference, on the 26th of May, the virtual main 2 days Conference will happen in October 2021 with more discussions dedicated to the mining and energy sectors in Zambia.

Please note that our Media Partnership remains valid and, additionally, you are also entitled to attend this pre-event on 26 May – We will register you directly and you will then receive an email confirmation.

Join the complimentary ZIMEC Virtual Pre-Conference, next week, on the 26th of May, to listen to Barnaby B. Mulenga, Permanent Secretary of the Minister, from the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development Zambia. The pre-event will last 1h30 and will discuss “Fiscal regimes and regulation to boost investment, recovery, and growth in the mining and energy sectors”. The key speakers participating in this edition will share their knowledge on: 

  • What are the implications of the 2021 national budget for the mining and energy sectors? 
  • How are mining and energy companies navigating the regulatory and tax environment in light of the COVID-19 crisis? How has this affected their business performance? 
  • What strategies can mining and energy companies use to optimise business performance and attract new investment while remaining fully compliant with tax laws and other regulations? 
  • What ideas and imperatives are emerging for new multi-stakeholder approaches in developing fiscal and regulatory regimes? How can such approaches maximise benefits for all stakeholders?
  • What has been the impact of measures implemented by the government to support the mining and energy sectors through the COVID-19 crisis and what are the measures needed going forward? 


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