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WearCheck embraces communication tech.

One of the latest technological innovations employed by condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, is enabling the company’s sophisticated online system to send customers their reports via WhatsApp.

Managing director, Neil Robinson, says WearCheck is constantly exploring how technology can enhance the customer experience as well as continuously improving condition monitoring techniques.

WearCheck’s IT manager Eddie Perumal explains how it works, ‘WhatsApp has proven its convenience as an integral part of everyone’s daily life, and it adds value by allowing us to communicate in real-time with maintenance teams who may be on the factory floor with their mobile phone, rather than waiting until they are sitting behind a desk checking emails. Therefore, we felt it was fitting to incorporate the option of communicating with our customers via WhatsApp,’ he said.

This is what some of the WearCheck reporting technology looks like, sending critical information to customers’ mobile devices and enabling them to make instant maintenance decisions based on real-time data.

Customers can select from three message options – one page report, two page report or status. Reports include fleet information, problem type and diagnosis. This feature applies to critical and urgent samples.

Another powerful reporting tool is WearCheck Online,  a web-based system which allows customers to view their sample report and fleet information, as well as submit their sample registration details and feedback.

WearCheck Online comes with a variety of features to assist customers to manage their oil analysis programme. Some of these include:

  • Current samples list, which shows unread reports.
  • Print sampling labels using A4 self-adhesive labels.
  • Trend-based graphs, problem-type graphs, and pivot tables.
  • Component analysis – view the results of one or more components in a single graph.
  • Basic user information for staff in the reporting hierarchy, including reports read, sample submissions, feedback entered.

Various search options and filters are available, including sample history and equipment or component searches.

An extension to the online system – WearCheck’s mobile app, which was pioneered four years ago – has been well received in the marketplace.

It offers similar features to the online system with the option to “Ask a diagnostician,” where the customer can enquire about a specific sample. Customers can also use their mobile device to quickly scan their sample barcode.

Robinson concludes, ‘Many industries benefit from WearCheck’s services, among them mining, earthmoving, industrial, transport, shipping, aviation and electrical operations. As optimal machine condition is critical in all these industries, and the WhatsApp service enables real-time maintenance issues to be shared, enabling instant decision-making, the new service will add enormous value to our condition monitoring services.’

To sign up for WearCheck’s WhatsApp service, the company’s customer services division can assist, and can be reached on or telephone (031) 700-5460. For more information, please visit

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