Manganese X Energy Corp confirms that manganese received favourable mention from Elon Musk in his Tesla Battery Day presentation regarding the future of electric vehicles and energy storage.

With Tesla’s battery technology advancements and efficiency improvements, the new cell design will give the company’s vehicles a 16% increase in range and a 5x increase in energy. Battery chemistry for higher-end vehicles will use nickel-manganese thanks to its increased energy density.

Tesla also ultimately wants to eliminate cobalt in the cathode, saying it will make batteries significantly cheaper. This, along with the company’s other innovations, will result in the reduction in the price per kw for the batteries by 56%. Musk said this cheaper battery will enable the company to produce a $25,000 EV.

We must produce more EVs,” Musk said. “They need to be affordable and [have] a lot more energy storage, while building factories faster and with far less investment.”

To highlight the importance of manganese in Tesla’s battery strategy, we have provided a short video link whereby Elon Musk calls for a cathode chemistry mixture of 1/3 manganese, 2/3 nickel:

Martin Kepman, CEO Manganese X comments, “it is gratifying to see Tesla using a high percentage of manganese in their battery chemistry. We have been diligently pursuing our agenda to be a provider to the EV battery space and have successfully produced 99.95% purity of Manganese Sulfate (“MnSO4″) which is EV compatible as confirmed in a report by Kemetco Research Inc. We will accelerate our actions to move towards a PEA (preliminary economic assessment) for our manganese mining resource in New Brunswick which is in close proximity to the US border. Our ultimate goal is to be a provider of battery material to the North American chain.”


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