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Leading Johannesburg-based e-commerce and software development specialist Syncrony Digital has proven its worth as a trusted premier online services partner for Stefanutti Stocks, South Africa’s leading construction group after a successful online platform upgrade and reconstruction of its client’s website.

The Syncrony team proposed a solution that would easily relocate of Stefanutti Stocks’ website content onto a fresh new platform.

Paige Rybko, …, said, “The old site was clunky and difficult to navigate, many sections had duplicate content and in general, the structure was overly complicated. Therefore, the primary concerns revolved around simplifying user experience and refining the look and feel. Their website is now running on Umbraco 8. Umbraco is an open-source CMS much like WordPress. It differs from WordPress in that it is more secure and it runs a lot faster.”

Rybko explains that the website was quite large and that factor alone creates difficulties and complications.

“When we have a large-scale site, the primary concern is about the structure of the content. In this particular case, there were many established structures on the old website that did not make sense for the new version, so getting the new structure approved by all parties was a bit of a challenge! Additionally, showcasing their work was also problematic because the company is massive and has so many different divisions. We came up with a new format for their portfolio which meant that we were not able to work with the projects as they were listed on the old website. Getting content and approval for this new format took up a great chunk of the buildtime.”

Rybko added that Stefanutti Stocks Systems Administrator Olivia Samlal made sure everything ran smoothly and provided all relevant content on schedule, and was impressed with the overall changes, and a vast improvement on the previous one!

While it is a bit too early to tell, Syncrony is confident that the changes will improve the website’s Search Engine Optimisation.

“The old platform contained many long, complex links made up of symbols as well as letters. Links like this can detract from a website’s search-related visibility. We’ve cleaned up all of those links and we have also consolidated any unnecessary pages. The website was originally 1280 pages and it is now down to 286! This will surely have an effect on usability and page views,” Rybko said.


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