Cummins South Africa has been issued with the necessary permits to operate as a key supplier to critical sectors during the national lockdown from 26 March to 16 April. In addition, some employees have been exempted from the lockdown conditions. However, this is only to respond to emergencies in the critical industries as identified by the government.

Cummins Inc. offers a critical service to keeping our world up and running, playing a vital role in producing, distributing and servicing products essential to maintain the flow of goods, and providing important back-up power to critical infrastructure and businesses. As such, even when many other businesses shut down during a crisis, Cummins remains open – where approved by local governments – providing service, support and products needed to help keep the global economy going.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, Cummins Inc. is committed to keeping its clients updated on the steps it is taking to help power business needs during this uncertain time.

Supporting our customers and employees

  • Cummins offers critical services that help power the world.
  • We provide standby and commercial generators, keeping healthcare and other critical companies running during times of increased capacity.
  • Our service locations around the world ensure that these products continue to work when they are needed most.
  • We must also have access to parts and tools necessary for completing critical work, and the warehouses that supply these parts are vital.

Business continuity

  • Our supply chain teams continue to host regular meetings and are actively working to mitigate any current and potential impact to our global supply chain, including dual-sourcing for critical materials, working with our logistics providers to ensure delivery and more.
  • It is important for us to maintain work continuity to support our customers. As a result, we plan on increasing protective efforts to maintain operations.
  • Cummins has a robust business continuity process whereby all sites have written plans that are focused on maintaining support to our customers during times of crisis or unforeseen events.


  • We have asked many of our employees at our sites to work from home to protect the health and safety of our people and customers.
  • We will continue to follow the guidance provided by the World Health Organisation and other national health institutions on how to minimise the spread of the coronavirus.
  • We have implemented more rigorous hygiene and cleaning procedures at our plants, tech centres, service locations, logistics centres and offices.
  • We have issued safety guidelines for customers and suppliers who may visit our facilities.


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