First Quantum Minerals’ Kalumbila subsidiary, KML, has welcomed a new General Manager, Sean Egner, taking over from Morris Rowe who served as KML General Manager for four years.

Speaking during an introductory meeting with North Western Provincial Minister, Honorable Nathaniel Mubukwanu MP, FQM Country Manager General Kingsley Chinkuli gave an overview of the company’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“FQM operations in Zambia remained intact despite the threat COVID-19 posed on businesses from 2019; and our Kalumbila Minerals subsidiary hit its highest production in 2020 while Kansanshi performed according to plan. There have been no job losses or Covid related deaths attributed to negligence on our part,” Gen. Chinkuli
General Chinkuli informed the Hon. Minister that FQM has not slowed down production and that stringent control measures have been put in place to deal with the threat of the pandemic, keeping employees and surrounding communities safe. He added that the company has continued to support Government’s efforts in health, education and agriculture sectors.

When presenting the new General Manager, Sean Egner, General Chinkuli said FQM has confidence that Sean will carry on from Morris Rowe left off and take KML to higher heights as he comes with vast experience in the mining industry.
Sean is a qualified Electrical Engineer and has been with First Quantum Minerals since 2011. He is a projects, electrical and instrumentation specialist.
North Western Provincial Minister, Honorable Nathaniel Mubukwanu congratulated Sean on his appointment and assured FQM of Government’s support and cooperation because it is a key partner of the Zambian Government.

“KML is a strategic mine not only for the province but the country as a whole. FQM is a key partner to the Government because of the major operations its carrying out in the country. The future of this country sits in this province and as Government, we will do everything possible to ensure that these investments are supported not only for the shareholders but for the people of Zambia at large,” Hon. Mubukwanu.
He commended FQM for not shutting down operations due to COVID-19 as that would have caused untold misery to many people and the government. The Hon. Minister advised the delegation to be acquainted with national labour laws to avoid conflict with the workforce. He wished Sean good health, success and the best time with KML.
Sean Egner thanked the Hon. Minister for welcoming him and agreeing to meet with him; he informed the Hon. Minister that he looked forward to working well with the Government. He pledged to repeat last year’s performance of KML and further increase production from 58 megatons to 61 megatons throughput in 2022.


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