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Swakop trash recycling plant upgraded

THE company responsible for recycling trash at Swakopmund, Rent-A-Drum, last Friday inaugurated its new N$2 million material recovery facility (MRF), saying it is expected to double the current recycling output.

The new plant, which primarily comprises a conveyer belt on which recyclable materials from households are loaded and then conveyed past 10 pairs of sorters, is the first of its kind in the Erongo region and, in turn dumps the various materials into holders.

According to Rent-A-Drum CEO Gys Louw, nearly 100 tonnes of materials are recycled at Swakopmund a month, which was done manually before.

With the upgrade, 200 tonnes a month are expected to be recycled.

Windhoek delivers about 1 800 tonnes of recyclable waste from households a month.

“But, per capita, Swakopmund saves more recyclable materials than Windhoek, thanks to the Swakopmund municipality’s environmentally friendly refuse removal system,” said Louw.

A few years ago, Swakopmund introduced the two wheelie-bins per household system– one specifically designated for recycling material. Since this system was introduced, pollution at Swakopmund has decreased, and the landfill area has been utilised sustainably, according to health services general manager at the municipality, Clive Lawrence.

He said less than 2% of recyclable materials now make it to the landfill site, thanks to the new system and Rent-A-Drum’s participation in a cleaner Swakopmund and environment.

“Namibia’s pristine environment is a key reason for tourists coming here, and so it has to be kept clean with a proper waste management system with proper technology, he added.

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