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South Africa: The power of two!

Atlas Copco once again sets the innovation benchmark in portable power by housing two fully loaded generators in one custom 20-foot container. This smart move provides the ultimate reliable and flexible prime and critical standby power solution for utilities, rental, construction, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas applications with variable load requirements.

“The QAC TwinPower™is a containerised generator with two power packs,” explains David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique Business Line Manager – Portable Products. “By containerising two QAC generators side by side and packaging up to 1MW of predictable power on a single platform, we have doubled the power and the flexibility offering to our customers and end-users. To add even more value, we have designed these generators with the objective to provide customers with the opportunity to choose the power solution best suited for those applications with changeable power and current usage requirements.”

“This modular solution is unrivalled when it comes to flexibility and economy,” continues Stanford. He explains that this configuration, with its fast-paralleling system, allows the two generators to work independently or in parallel with each

other, providing multiple solutions and combinations between prime and standby use, one unit working at 50Hz and the other at 60Hz. For handling even larger projects, the QAC 1350 TwinPower™has two dedicated Atlas Copco controllers Qc4004, including touchscreen Qd1001 functionality, enabling end-users to easily parallel with other generators. Alongside the choice of island mode or using the Power Management System (PMS), it is also possible to run them in parallel with mains, peak shaving, fixed power and AMF. In addition, owing to the TwinPower™concept, one generator can run at 50% while the other is being serviced, offering end-users a built-in backup as standard for seamless 24/7 power supply.

In terms of operational costs, the highly efficient QAC generator delivers maximum power with minimal fuel consumption. Setting these generators apart is the smart electric VSD (Variable Speed Drive) motor-driven cooling fan which adjusts the cooling flow to the specific requirements of the engine. The unrivalled load acceptance ability of these generators is thanks to the engine/alternator performance which, in association with its respective advanced control systems, is able to accept a 100% load step with more than 70% load step acceptance within ISO 8528-G3 class respectively. Stanford also points out that with a fuel saving of up to 10%, the performance of these generators is equal to or even better than the conventional single engine generator running under normal load. This efficiency also helps to reduce customers’ carbon footprint. The spillage free frame, which can contain 110% of the fuel tank capacity, reduces any potentially negative impact the environment.

The Stage V compliant QAC 1350 TwinPower™ is also environmentally smart. With an up to 85% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, this containerised solution helps end-users to shrink their carbon footprint. A low noise level of 70dB(A) at 7m makes these containerised generators highly suited for applications that are at the heart of the working environment, creating a safe and comfortable work space. A touch screen provides operators with easy functionality.

For end-users, it is always critical to maximise uptime along every phase of the supply chain. As containers are designed for easy transportation, the containerised generators are easily moved from one worksite to the next. Featuring a compact footprint and equipped with solid lifting eyes and forklift inlets, the 20-foot ISO-certified container can be swiftly and safely positioned on site or manoeuvered onto flat-bed trucks for transportation between sites.  

Also contributing to optimum uptime and subsequent elevated production levels is the generator’s remarkable serviceability. The QAC generators require less than two hours of service after 500 hours of operation. Large access panels and several custom service tools allow for effortless maintenance while the strategic positioning of the two generators’ engines and alternators on opposite sides of the platform allow for fast and easy access to major components. Heavy-duty dual stage fuel and air filtration is included as standard, for longer up-time and extended service intervals. The slide in/out base frame facilitates the removal of the aggregate engine from the container for maintenance and other operational tasks.

The robust containerised generators are ideal for use in extreme temperatures and at high altitudes. The QAC’s intelligent engine/alternator cooling system guarantees 100%m power at 40°C at an altitude of 1000m.

Atlas Copco generators are renowned for their rugged reliability and efficiency over an extended life span and the EU compliant QAC units stay true to these high standards. “There can simply be no compromise when it comes to superior quality components which are designed and tested to ensure a long and productive lifespan for low total cost of ownership,” concludes Stanford.

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