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South Africa: Protect lives and assets against fire with quality fire systems from Integrated Fire Technology

With access to a portfolio of premium brand products, fire systems specialist, Integrated Fire Technology, formerly known as Fogmaker South Africa, is able to offer holistic fire detection and prevention solutions for commercial and industrial sectors including mining, forestry, military and ports & harbours.

“We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having a fire system in place,” states Shantelle Alberts, Operations Manager – Fixed Systems, at Integrated Fire Technology. “Firstly, no price can be put on protecting the lives of personnel. Also consider the consequences of having to replace assets damaged or destroyed by fire. Although most companies have fire insurance is in place, which theoretically covers the replacement costs associated with the fire damage, it fails to address the adverse impact on a company’ sales due to stock losses or production stoppages as a result of damage to critical machinery or equipment. This can bring a business to its knees. Weighing the cost of installing a fire system against the potential costs of not doing so makes for a compelling argument to invest in a high quality, reliable fire system.”

Integrated Fire Technology’s basket of fixed system fire detection solutions include early pre-warning systems that alert to potential fire risks or that a fire has broken out. Their fire protection product offerings include aerosol, foam and gas suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hose reels, and sprinklers (including galvanised piping and couplers).

“We are extremely proud of having recently secured the full distribution rights to supply the globally tested and proven AF-X aerosol fire protection system to customers in Southern Africa,” affirms Alberts. This highly effective aerosol-based system offers a dry fire protection solution, making it ideal for assets such as electrical cabinets and equipment that cannot tolerate water or foam contamination.

The AF-X system is particularly suited for protecting large areas such as warehouses and storage facilities on mines or at port sites. AF-X boasts a number of important differentiating factors that makes it stand head and shoulders above other aerosol products. Although aerosols are known for their corrosive qualities, when tested against corrosion, results showed AF-X to be one of the best products on the market. Another advantage of AF-X aerosol canister is the ability to integrate into existing fire panels and detection solutions.  AF-X system carries several internationally recognised certifications for aerosol extinguishing systems including KIWA BRL K23001, ISO 15779 and importantly Kiwa BRL- K21045 for protection of lithium-ion battery storage.

According to Alberts, the mining sector presents the biggest opportunity for fire detection and gas suppression systems. “First and foremost, personnel safety remains the number one priority within this notoriously dangerous working environment. Mine sites normally have massive high value assets including diesel machines and equipment that are critical to sustainable mining operations. Subsequently mines are under pressure to ensure that their fire systems are regularly updated.”

With a proven approach of only using globally certified products and premium brands, Integrated Fire Technology is able to offer customers the most comprehensive, but fit-for-purpose solution for their particular application. “Our in-depth knowledge of the market gives us the ability to source from a variety of best-in-class products in alignment with our brand identity,” explains Alberts.

She also points out that each system offers unique features that meet the requirements for a specific application. “Based on our expertise and experience, we are perfectly positioned to advise customers on what fire system will be the best solution in terms of personnel safety and asset protection. We offer customers peace of mind, rest assured in the knowledge that we have delivered the most optimal solution to meet their individual and unique fire detection and / or protection requirements.”

Integrated Fire Technology offers customer site visits to conduct risk assessment and to determine best solutions. Depending on the project, Integrated Fire Technology will also work closely with fire engineers and partner with like-minded professionals as required. “Irrespective of the type of fire system that is required, the quality of service, maintenance and after-sales support remains paramount,” affirms Alberts. “We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best quality and reliability when it comes to both products as well as service. Our highly-trained team of specialists support customers and end-users across Sub-Sahara Africa which goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to building solid long-term relationships and trust with our customers,” concludes Alberts.  

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