Perhaps the only good thing to come from the Covid-19 lockdown is the availability of time to catch
up on reading and preparedness to work more effectively when we finally get down to it.
Nico Pienaar of surface mining industry association, ASPASA, says the opportunity should be used to
catch up on essential reading to brush up on some of the skills that are mostly lacking in the
industry. In addition to the Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA), production optimisation and
operations managements literature, he suggests miners across all spheres make use of the
association’s vast resources that are available online.
These include health and safety, legal, environmental, government liaison, HR training, transport,
technical and engineering bulletins, information sheets and reports that can be used to prepare and
improve operations. In many instances, the information contains updates of legislation and best
practices and is an invaluable toolbox for those who have not kept trend with the industry due to
work pressures or other reasons.
“The information available on our website is accurate, trustworthy and free-of-charge to anyone
who visits the site. It provides days-worth of information, tips and tools to perform more effectively
in future. Newsletters, newsflashes, and updates are also distributed to our members and even
during lockdown we are keeping members updated with Covid-19 updates and responses, as well as
sharing information about mine maintenance and the resumption of work when it happens.
“We are in constant communication with Government, the Minerals Council South Africa and other
stakeholders in the industry and are keeping members up to date with the latest happenings. We
therefore strongly recommend making use of our online portal,” says Nico.


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