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South Africa: Efficient, fast, accurate, clean and safe drilling with Epiroc HRD100 Hydraulic Rock Drill.

Epiroc continues its proud reputation for setting the global industry benchmark in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality machines and equipment for mining, infrastructure and natural resources sectors with the smart HRD100 Hydraulic Rock Drill.

This complete handheld drilling system, consisting of the rock drill, power pack and a selection of pusher legs, is specially designed to provide efficient, accurate and safe hydraulic drilling of blow and support holes. The innovative HRD package offers a convenient and cost-effective ‘plug and play’ solution, requiring only electricity and water to operate, thus eliminating the need for compressed air infrastructure installation and reducing maintenance.

Incorporating advanced technologies and cutting-edge design features, this remarkable tool enables end-users to reach and even exceed production targets while keeping operators safe. Reliable operation, long service life, minimum maintenance and reduced operating expenses deliver lowest possible total cost of ownership for end-users.

“The HRD offers everything that end-users demand from their hydraulic drill, namely best-in-class energy efficiency, accuracy, reliability, performance, safety and serviceability,” says David Baird, Global Product Manager-HHE, Epiroc.

High operational performance means that more holes can be drilled per day per operator enabling the complete drilling cycle to be achieved within the required cycle time. Also adding to uptime and productivity is the fact that the hydraulic system delivers optimal drilling at large depths. Furthermore, the energy-efficient HRD100 only uses 10kW regardless of depth compared to a pneumatic drill that requires 34kW to run at levels close to the surface, while at depths of 1 KM below surface can increase significantly.

Baird points out that HRD100 achieves faster drill times and ultimately increased production but never at the expense of the operators. Baird points out that faster penetration rate and drill times reduce operator exposure in dangerous areas. “Our mandate is to ensure that our customers benefit from high productivity combined with high safety ratings. Designed with operator comfort, health and safety top of mind, the HRD100 incorporates safety features that are amongst the best in the world.”

Weighing only 33,8kg the light-weight HRD100 is easy to manoeuvre, reducing operator fatigue. The tool’s low noise levels (105dBA) reduce risk of hearing loss while lower vibrations help to avoid white knuckle disease. The electrical pilot wire system reduces the risk of live electrical wire in case of electrical cable damage.

The PP100 power pack has been designed to keep weight to a minimum to facilitate lifting and moving. It features a robust frame and stainless steel cover. Data such as drill time can be downloaded directly from the USB port during run time and a full service schedule indicates service intervals and maintenance.

The HRD is also kind to the environment; drill grease is not blown into the air as with pneumatic drills nor is there a risk of pneumatic grease contamination. The Hydraulic Rock Drill also uses less water (12lt/min) while drilling and the automatic water function stops flushing when drilling ceases. All four pusher legs, connected to the rock drill via a single port connection, are smartly powered by the same water that is used for cooling the power pack and for flushing.

The HRD100 is built to last. The robust components are manufactured to deliver long service life. The recyclable Rock Drill covers protect the equipment and help to further reduce noise and enhance vibration damping.

Skilled Epiroc technicians offer operator training to ensure the optimal functioning of the Hydraulic Rock Drill so that customers can reap the full benefits.

According to Baird, Southern Africa, South America, Canada, and Russia show tremendous potential for the Hydraulic Rock Drill due to the size of the underground mining industries in these regions while smaller regions are showing increased interest due to the safety and efficiency of the HRD system. “Increasing restraints on electrical supply and ever stricter personnel safety and the environment legislation are global dynamics. Designed to meet these requirements, the HRD100 is exactly what the market needs now.  So, over the next three years, we expect to see a significant increase in the demand for the hydraulic tool from sectors around the world. Combining smart technology with exceptional design features, Epiroc is poised to change the scope of hydraulic rock drilling in conventional and underground mines and on construction sites in years to come,” concludes Baird.

Epiroc South Africa has supplied over 600 Hydraulic Rock Drill sets to customers across South Africa and recently received additional orders for the supply of units from a leading global mining company for use at one of its local operations.

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