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South Africa: Bearing mounting, installation and replacement as easy as 1, 2, 3, with SKF’s new mobile Bearing Assist App

Bearing Assist is a new mobile app developed by SKF in collaboration with customers to simplify the process of mounting, installing and replacing bearings. The app delivers a host of benefits including minimising the possibility of incorrect mounting, reducing installation time and costs, increasing uptime and extending the operating life of bearings for low operating costs and total cost of ownership.

SKF Bearing Assist is suitable for use by anyone within a maintenance organisation, including engineering, production and maintenance teams. Immediately accessible information helps to improve the efficiency with which bearings can be installed and fitted, saving loads of time and effort. The app provides detailed mounting instructions for a comprehensive range of SKF bearings, product information such as bearing designation, bearing type (with visuals) and suffix descriptions, dimensions and illustrations as well as information such as clearance reduction, drive-up method calculations and even recommendations on correct lubrication.

The mounting instructions cover bearings with basic design that are included in the standard assortment. By following these detailed instructions, maintenance and production engineers can improve their fitting techniques. Once a bearing has been mounted, the process can be recorded in the app together with useful information such as date, specific asset, location and work order. It is also possible to add details of which specific bearing has been mounted. Results can instantly be exported as a PDF, reducing the time needed to produce a mounting report.

By logging these details in such an efficient way helps to improve maintenance collaboration and planning, ultimately increasing asset reliability. Furthermore, Bearing Assist enables engineers to record the work they have carried out, helping to improve the way that bearing knowledge is shared across an organisation. SKF Product Manager, Linus Wahlterius, concludes: “SKF Bearing Assist is a new mobile tool that enables quick, correct and easy mounting. It’s a tool that can turn new recruits into experts.”

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