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South Africa: Adjustable chocks allow easy mounting.

SKF’s expanded range of adjustable chocks helps improve the technical and

economic performance of rotating equipment – from engines and generators

to motors and gearboxes

SKF has developed a new range of adjustable chocks with higher load capacity and an increased adjustment range.

The chocks can be used in many industries, including food & beverage, pulp & paper,

rail, marine, offshore, agriculture and power generation. They are typically found in

equipment such as gas, diesel and LNG engines, generators, compressors, electric

motors and gearboxes.

The Vibracon E series – which includes four different models – has improved selflevelling and height adjustment. The chocks allow all types of rotating equipment to

be mounted easily and accurately to base frames and either steel or concrete


“They help to simplify the installation of rotating machinery, which improves

technical and economic performance,” says Rene Vermeulen, senior engineering

sales manager at SKF.

The chocks accommodate angular differences of up to 4° between machine and

mounting base – without having to machine the base or install epoxy resin chocks.

This self-levelling ability, combined with height adjustment, reduces the possibility of

a soft foot in the production line. The chocks can also lower the cost of equipment

foundations – whether designed-in or retrofitted

The four products in the Vibracon E range are: carbon steel chocks; surface treated

chocks; stainless steel chocks; and low-profile elements.

Carbon steel chocks are suitable for indoor applications, such as on the factory floor.

Surface-treated products are for more extreme environments such as humid or salty

climates. Stainless steel variants are aimed at the most demanding conditions, such

as in the oil & gas industry. Low-profile elements offer an economic alternative to

more expensive milled chocks, shims, or epoxy resins.

A broad range of specialist adjustment tools – available from SKF – allows

technicians to alter chock height with maximum safety and comfort. In addition, the

chocks are backed by SKF’s expertise in maintenance and shaft alignment.

SKF also offers a product selection tool that simplifies the process of choosing exactly

the right chock for a particular application.

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