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Safe, controlled blasting at Midrand office park

As the latest generation electronic initiation system from blasting solutions provider BME, AXXIS Silver™ has once again proved its accuracy and flexibility in a controlled blast in a – high-density area.

According to Hennie Du Preez, Manager for AXXIS Support at BME, Pro-Frag Drilling and Blasting, who is widely known as experts and the preferred supplier in the application of electronic delay detonators, had to initiate a blast in Midrand Gauteng, for their client Labucon. Blasting was required for excavations at a new office park precinct, with strict limitations to avoid any impact on adjacent structures.

“It was important that the blast be conducted with minimal levels of ground vibration and air blast,” said Du Preez. “It also had to ensure that the risk of fly rock was also well addressed and mitigated.”

There was no room for error in the blast parameters, he noted, as there was a roadway just 20 metres away and a building housing a gym only 34 metres away. Pro-frag drilling and blasting construction company provided the specific timing design, with blast holes measuring four metres deep and 89 mm in diameter – spaced, 1.5 1,8 metres apart.

“Using AXXIS Silver™ to initiate the 766 detonators on this blast, we were able to ensure a controlled blast within the limitations required,” he said. Electronic initiation systems allow detonators to be accurately initiated within milliseconds of each other. This staggers the energy release, avoiding the chance of five or six holes detonating at the same time. Reducing the charge mass per delay leads to lower vibrations.

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