DIAMOND mining giant De Beers Group says it will use its global procurement network to help source medical supplies for Namibia in the fight against Covid-19.

De Beers Group stepped up as countries are closing their borders for the export of medical supplies – especially of protective clothing and medicine.

The European Union, India and South Africa have all banned the export of medicine to fight Covid-19.

Yesterday, De Beers announced it will contribute N$15 million to be used by the Namibian government for logistical, supply and community support.

“De Beers is proud to play its part in supporting Namibia through this crisis. We will help the government, healthcare professionals, community leaders and all those on the frontline to prepare for the crisis and deliver an effective emergency response. We will be by Namibia’s side with every step of the response and will be its partner in recovery,” said group chief executive officer Bruce Cleaver.

Country representative Daniel Kali added the money is available immediately and “discussions are on to see if De Beers can leverage its global supply chain to source some of the much-needed materials by the Namibian health authorities”.

The diamond group further pledged it would continue to engage regularly with government and community leaders to provide all the support it can.

De Beers Group’s contribution to Namibia is part of a larger effort across its four producing countries, including Botswana, Canada and South Africa.

De Beers Group is in a 50/50 joint venture with the Namibian government through Namdeb Holdings (Pty) Ltd.


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