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Integrated Air Solutions augments exceptional customer service through smart stock management

Integrated Air Solutions’ long-term customer partnerships are built on the solid foundation of after-market service solutions that match their top quality, premium brand air compressor systems.

A critical part of the after-market delivery is an efficient, consistent and seamless stock management process. “We are acutely aware of the fact that when customers place an order for a new air compressor or for parts, time is of the essence because our speed of delivery has a direct impact on their production,” states Integrated Air Solutions Managing Director, Wayne Jacobs. “What must also be taken into account are the generally lengthy lead times for imported equipment and parts. Subsequently, we have made the conscious and strategic decision to stock what our customers may need, in other words, we make sure that we keep the right stock and, most importantly, restock, so that we are able to supply customer requirements as soon as possible.”

“In line with our forward-thinking, proactive and dynamic stock policy, we always strive to stock at least one unit of every popular model within our ELGi compressor portfolio as well as multiple units of certain fast moving models.”

He points out that the same holds for the company’s air compressor rental business as it is critical to have rental units available when customers request them. “We endeavour to always have what the customer wants and continuously add equipment to the fleet, based on which models are popular or most sought after.”

“Our rental business puts us in the enviable position of being able to assist customers who may not find the size and specification of a new or replacement compressor they require urgently. By being able to offer them a suitable rental unit we can get them up and running with minimal downtime. This has the added advantage of stimulating our rental business.”

The air compressor specialist also keeps genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts for all machines that they have sold into the market. Integrated Air Solutions considers OEM parts as core to their value chain and encourage  customers to use only genuine OEM parts on all their air compressors to help protect their investment and ensure that their new equipment warranty stays in place.

Having stock is one thing but getting it to the customer is quite another. Here too, Integrated Air Solutions has the capabilities and capacities to support customers in all the major centres across South Africa, out of its 2 122 m² warehouse in Witfield, Johannesburg, where all machines, stock and parts are housed.

Integrated Air Solutions delivers directly to key customers who are located within the nearby radius in Gauteng using recognised local carriers delivering to the rest of the country. “We also deliver products to local freight companies for transportation to customers in neighbouring countries including Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as further north,” adds Wayne.

“While it is impossible to keep stock of everything, we make sure that we stock smart and stay on top of our game, ultimately giving our customers peace of mind,” concludes Wayne. 

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