Extronics Inc, the provider of AeroScout Location Systems to the Process markets, has entered into a strategic agreement with Canadian based Jannatec Technologies.  This partnership represents Extronics expanding sales channel footprint to increase coverage in the Mining Industry for Wi-Fi based Safety and Location Systems.

Chris Sadler, Extronics’s VP of Sales for North America, regarding the partnership shares, “I have worked with Jannatec for a number of years. They are very responsive to customers’ needs as well as being very innovative and dedicated to customer service. Extronics Hybrid location technology will empower mines to track workers and vehicles both underground and on the surface with minimal infrastructure.” Mr. Sadler closes by saying, “The greatest challenge we have is getting access to more partners and end customers through the channel, which is why Extronics is excited to add Jannatec as a strategic partner.

“We are excited for the opportunity to offer Extronics’s unique, industry-leading solutions to our partners,” says Rey Boucher, VP. “Extronics’s offers key benefits, such as Worker Safety and Accountability over existing networks giving our customers more choice in this space. Extronics is a well-respected organization with an exceptional product offering, and we look forward to a successful partnership.”.

About Extronics

Extronics has served the process industries for 27 years, designing and manufacturing equipment to improve safety and efficiency in hazardous areas and harsh industrial environments, such as those found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, mining, and heavy manufacturing industries. This includes a wide range of wireless connectivity, Real Time Location Systems, and Auto ID solutions, as well as expertise in back up power. Through a global network of Certified VARs, Extronics supports an impressive roster of customers across the world. For more information about Extronics, please visit www.extronics.com


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