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Atlas Copco’s professional OEM after-market service keeps portable generators in tip-top condition

Portable generators are an important link in the productivity chain, meeting single job requirements, powering anything from pneumatic tools to light towers or as a critical standby solution, providing power when supply is interrupted, ensuring minimal disruption to work flow. As a prime solution, these machines are a lifeline on remote job sites where there is no access to power.

“However, the efficient and reliable operation of even the best quality machines hinges on regular service and maintenance,” notes Business Line Manager for Power Technique’s Service Division, Douw van Schalkwyk. “Equally important is the quality of the service that is being carried out on the machine. And going even further, there are several other key factors that should be considered to ensure that the machine is kept in tip top condition. For example, servicing should be carried out by qualified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) technicians using the correct tooling and fitting only genuine parts.”

Irrespective of the application, Atlas Copco’s comprehensive range of top quality, high performance portable generators delivers reliable power when it is needed for as long as it is needed. The petrol-driven P range is ideal for everyday use on construction sites, farms, etc. With a peak power output range of 2,5kva to 8.1kva, these plug-and-play machines are essentially focused on contractors who require portable power at a moment’s notice. The QES generator range is the predictable power solution for standby power requirements in the construction and rental sectors. With a 100% load step capability and available in 20 size options, this diesel-driven range is all about the delivery of power as soon as possible in as few steps as possible.

For operations such as utilities, rental, construction, mining, quarrying, and oil & gas applications with high power and variable load requirements, Atlas Copco’s unique QAC1100 TwinPower™ provides the ultimate reliable and flexible prime and critical standby power solution. Two fully loaded QAC generators are housed side-by-side in one custom 20-foot container, effectively doubling the power. Moreover, one generator can run at 50% while the other is being serviced, offering end-users a built-in backup as standard for seamless 24/7 power supply. 

Van Schalkwyk points out that portable generators, especially those used for standby power, often do not run for extended periods of time and then are required to run for as long as is required of them. “It’s vital to have a service and maintenance plan in place to ensure that when it is crunch-time they start up and continue to operate seamlessly until the job has been completed or grid power supply has been restored.”

 Atlas Copco’s portable generator after-market service portfolio includes service-, inspection- and parts-plans, service contracts, refurbishment and engine programmes as well as digital solutions. Atlas Copco kits are also available which are made up of sets of spare parts for the most common repairs and maintenance operations, all conveniently packaged in one box. Atlas Copco’s engine programme can breathe new life into a portable generator when its engine reaches end of life.  “As part of our digital solutions, customers can access all the necessary information they require and even download their portable generator manual by simply scanning the QR code located on the data plate on their Atlas Copco generator and accessing our Power Connect Portal.”

Van Schalkwyk recommends that customers make use of Atlas Copco’s service maintenance plans. “This enables our customers to take full advantage of preventative maintenance and repairs by our factory-trained technicians who are equipped with the correct tooling. Moreover, using genuine parts will ensure that their Atlas Copco portable generators are maintained to factory specifications for subsequent optimised performance and efficiency and minimised operating costs.” In closing Van Schalkwyk stresses that the best way for customers to protect their investment is by keeping their portable generators running like new. “That is why Atlas Copco is not a mere manufacturer and supplier of machines. After the sale, we make sure that we are with our customers every step of the way, supporting them with our comprehensive and professional after-market service offering throughout their Atlas Copco machines’ life span. This is our long-term customer partnership pledge.”

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