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Arc Minerals Limited Widest Copper Mineralisation Intersected

Widest intercept of copper mineralisation intersected at Cheyeza East

Arc Minerals Limited, the Zambian focussed copper exploration and development company, is pleased to announce further near-surface, wide intersections of copper mineralisation with high-grade intercepts from its maiden diamond drill exploration programme at the Cheyeza East target in Zambia.


   --     CHDDE058 intersected 68.75m @ 0.61% Cu from 7.50m

o Includes 1.14% Cu over 8.00m from 11.50m; and

o 1.09% Cu over 3.00m from 41.50m; and

o 1.14% Cu over 11.50m from 61.50m

   --     CHDDE061 intersected 26.50m @ 0.99% Cu from 18.50m

o Includes 1.63% Cu over 9.50m from 35.50m

   --     CHDDE062 intersected 33.00m @ 0.71% Cu from 18.00m

o Includes 0.92% Cu over 4.50m from 23.50m; and

o 1.44% Cu over 8.5m from 42.50m

Nick von Schirnding, Executive Chairman of Arc stated:

“These are another set of excellent drilling results – this 68.75m copper intersection is the widest interval of continuous copper mineralisation ever intersected at Cheyeza East. This set of drill results also reports a significant number of high-grade intercepts of over 1%. Given the commencement of the rainy season the current drilling programme has come to an end and will be restarted shortly after the wet season ends.

In the meantime, work has commenced on the exploration strategy for the year ahead as well as options for processing the near surface higher grade material as previously outlined. Results for further assays are also awaited including those for additional targets and we look forward to releasing these in the near term.”

Drilling Results

The table below sets out the recent results of the holes for which assays have been received by Zamsort from SGS Inspection Service Ltd in Kalulushi, Zambia.

Table 1. Drilling Intercepts

   BHID          From         To     Length   TCu (%) 
 CHDDE058             7.50   76.25   68.75     0.61 
              incl. from 
                 11.50m               8.00     1.14 
----------  --------------  ------  -------  -------- 
              incl. from 
                 41.50m               3.00     1.09 
            --------------  ------  -------  -------- 
              incl. from 
                 61.50m              11.50     1.14 
 CHDDE061        18.50       45.00   26.50     0.99 
              incl. from 
                 35.50m               9.50     1.63 
----------                  ------  -------  -------- 
 CHDDE062        18.00       51.00   33.00     0.71 
----------  --------------  ------  -------  -------- 
              incl. from 
                 23.50m               4.50     0.92 
----------  --------------  ------  -------  -------- 
              incl. from 
                 42.50m               8.50     1.44 
----------  --------------  ------  -------  -------- 


1) Reported intervals are downhole widths.

2) Reported intervals are calculated for zones assaying > 0.2% Copper and containing generally less than 3 metres of internal waste.

3) Metallurgical factors are assumed to be 100% although the recovery factors may vary significantly.

Drilling Summary

Hole CHDDE058 drilled on the same profile and between holes CHDDE059 and CHDDE060, intersected 24m @ 0.76% Cu and 39m @ 1.47% Cu respectively. Through hole CHDDE060, this profile has the highest average grade intersection and now with hole CHDDE059, this profile also has the thickest continuous mineralised interval intersected to date at Cheyeza East.

Drill holes CHDDE061 and CHDDE062 were drilled on the eastern edge of the current defined core to the mineralisation at Cheyeza East. Both holes have intersected significant mineralisation and confirm that the mineralisation is still open at this end of the core.

Figure 1. Map showing Cheyeza East drill locations. To view the map, please click on the following link

Cheyeza Target Area

The Cheyeza Target Area (‘CTA’) was one of several areas identified by both the geophysics and geochemistry work programmes completed last year. As reported on the 5(th) June 2019, of particular interest is a 3km by 0.8km area at Cheyeza East where up to 2,792 ppm copper in the soils has been identified and where these initial holes were drilled. Drilling continues at this anomaly to test its full extent, both along strike and down dip.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)

The core from the diamond drill was sampled at up to 1.5m metre intervals with the split core (PQ – 1/4 core; HQ – 1/4 core) bagged and sent to SGS Inspection Service Ltd in Kalulushi, Zambia, an ISO accredited laboratory for assaying.

The samples were sorted, dried, crushed and pulped before final chemical analysis using ICP-OES methods. Standards, blanks and duplicates were inserted regularly in the sample stream and checks were done for copper.


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